Range Info

Members in good standing are entitled to full use of the range during normal operating hours. We have installed combination locks to access the gate, trap house, building and storage container so members will have convenient access to the facilities. Members will be provided the combination to the locks with their membership card. Please do not share or loan this number to non-members. This combination number is for your use only. If your family members are using the range you should be with them.

In the clubhouse, there will be a sign-in—sign-out log. Please use them every time you are at the range.

Currently available for members’ use are 25 & 50 yard rifle and pistol ranges with shooting benches, regulation trap field, archery backstop and newly constructed clubhouse. Note that the layout is designed so shotgun, rifle/pistol and archery shooters can all shoot simultaneously.

If you are using the trap machine, you must count the number of clay targets you use. It will be your responsibility to pay for them at the normal rate. This will be on the honor system.
Note: Contact Ron Schramm, Tim Diller or Tal Parmenter for a safety orientation before using the trap machine on your own. This can be done most conveniently at a regular weekly trap shoot.

Be sure to turn everything off and lock up when you leave.

When spring comes we will not only have trap shoots, but also rifle and pistol shoots. Some of the facilities may be reserved for special events at some times. Check the “What’s Happening” page to find scheduled events and come out to join the fun.

We will begin building the 100 yard range very soon—weather permitting.

Always be safe and observe range rules when enjoying the PCSC ranges. All members using the range are required to first be familiar with the PCSC range rules. Read the rules here: PCSC Range Rules