2018 Joe Bachtold Memorial Shoot results

We were blessed with beautiful weather and a large crowd for the 2018 Joe Bachtold Memorial Shoot. Thanks to the following folks for your donations of food, prizes, added purse money, and work that helped to make the day a great success and fun for all.


  • Dan Riccolo
  • Steve Robbins
  • Steve Tjarks
  • Stan Saathoff
  • Tim Diller
  • Dave Wolken

PCSC staff – Dan Masters, Dick Hitchens, Ron Schramm, Art Cabello, Darrell Stroh, Tal Parmenter

50 bird Derby Results – 40 shooters entered.

1st Place    Gary M.  48/50  $114 & trophy

2nd Place   Skip D.   47/50   $76 & trophy

3rd Place    Tal P.    46/50   $29 & trophy (tie-breaker)    Jim O.   46/50   $29

1st Lewis    42/50      $23 each      Dave W., Bill J., Randy M., Randy L.

2nd Lewis    38/50     $45 each      Ron M., Steve O.

3rd Lewis      34/50    $26 each      Dan R., Barb M.